1969  1971 

Perdinand Piech
If Wyer, the old fox, can win in these somewhat outdated models [Ford GT 40 in 1968 and 1969], then he will be able to do even better with the 917.

Vic Elford
There was a slight elevation. It felt as if you stood on tiptoe, expecting that any second now the car is going to take off

Kurt Ahrens
In bends you had to steer very, very sensitively. And the straight line took a lot of nerve, especially at night. [Despite this Ahrens turned the absolutely fastest lap in 3:19.8 - the best training time!] And I drove this time at night when you have to continuously overtake slower cars.

Erwin Kremer
When such a 917 flew past us like a cannon-ball, my 911 sometimes moved two or three meters to the side. Just because of the air suction.