1990  1992 

Pierre Dieudonne
A lot of that was down to Mister Ohashi, who knew how to work with the officials. But the biggest deciding factor was that the other manufacturers didn't se us as a genuine threat. We weren't on their radar.

Bertrand Gachot
We were a little surprised at how strong we were over the whole race. But Mazda people always believed we had a good chance this year, The car was extremely good. The motor was reliable and efficient. And my teammates were fantastic, we were constantly pushing 100 per cent, Johnny, Volker and I drove like it was a Grand Prix.

Takayoshi Ohashi
We were working for the win, but we didn't necessarily believe it would happen. this is something unexpected. It was the last race for the Wankel engine at Le Mans- but we tried not to think about that, we wanted to avoid any extra pressure.