1968  1970 

Vic Elford
You can't imagine what strengths you have to mobilise to take this Porsche 917 to its limits for 20 laps.

Rudi Lins
As I braked for the Ford-chicane, I noted that people were all pointing against the direction traffic. I knew something horrible had happened.

Udo Schutz
Larrousse was following me for four laps. First I thought it was you [Hans Herrmann]. Just before the quick right-hander the car drew abreast of me and I see that Larrousse is at the wheel. He fell back and I felt an impact. My car hit the guardrail in an acute angle. It started to play ping-pong, turned over. I saw flames and kiked out the door. I had not been buckled in. Then I jumped out, I ran into the forest and behind me the car exploded...

Hans Herrmann
I knew in the 1969 race, that I had to risk everything. We had to change a wheel bearing, which cost us much time. In the last two hours of the race we even lost the top 200 revs. jacky Ickx and I overtook each other two to four times per lap. My brakes were finished and I started to think about a pit stop to get the pads replaced. My advantage over the third-placed car was big enough. But I felt that even Ickx was driving on the very limit, so something could easily happen to him as well. So, I finished the race without stopping, but Jacky managed the same and won.